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Speech & Language Therapy Services

I offer the following therapy services:

  • Collaborative working with other professionals 

Children and young adults will benefit from an individualized service to help them reach their full potential to become a confident communicator. 

Therapy services to schools, nurseries and charities

I work regularly with schools, nurseries, charities and other organisations that require speech and language therapy services for one or more children.  Services can be bought in on a regular basis (i.e. half or whole days on a weekly basis) or carried out as the need arises (ie as a single one-hour session, or less frequent sessions over a longer period of time). 

I can help your organisation with:

  • Assessments

  • Reports and recommendations

  • Therapy plans

  • Resource packages

Sessions can be tailored to the requirements the school or nursery may have - for example if there are several children with similar difficulties it may be appropriate to do a group session, but if the needs are very different, then a schedule of one to one sessions can be arranged instead.   Schools may also buy in my services to assess, write reports and provide advice. This may be for an individual child or a number of children.

Some schools have a several children with special educational needs or schools may offer provision for children with different needs such as autism or general learning disabilities. Many of these children may have Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs) that state that specific Speech and Language Provision is required.  This is often where I support schools and have the flexibility to provide the necessary therapy.

One-to-One Therapy

I offer one-to-one private sessions either at your home,clinic room or an agreed venue.  This is how the process works:

Telephone consultation I start with a free telephone consultation to chat with you and understand what your concerns are.

Initial assessment This is followed by an assessment which can take place in my clinic room, your home or an agreed venue (eg school or nursery or clinic room).  It is best if parents attend this too. This can be a brief or detailed assessment depending on  your needs.

Written Report At the assessment I gather as much information as possible to enable me to write a report which will recommend what happens next.  It might be that the child/young adult will benefit from further therapy sessions, and/or require consultation with school, or it may be just passing on advice or resources to use at school or at home.

Next Steps If further sessions are recommended, I will talk with you about where these sessions take place and how long the suggested programme may last.  A programme of sessions could be weekly, fortnightly or termly depending on the client.  For example, speech sound work often requires a six-week block of sessions (usually lasting for 30 minutes each), whilst autistic children might need more sessions over a longer period of time. 

Group therapy
Availability of sessions

Sessions can be offered during the week between the hours of 9-5pm.  Appointments are offered both during term time and also in the school holidays.

Location of sessions

Group sessions are when I meet with more than one child with similar difficulties (e.g. those with Downs Syndrome or social communication needs) and work with them together. Often the children can benefit from being in a group and are encouraged by each other. 

Group sessions can take place in various settings such as schools, local venues or clinic rooms. Further advantages of groups sessions are reduced costs for each child or for the organisation. 

Assessment and therapy sessions are carried out by myself and may take place in various settings including your home, schools, nurseries, hospitals and day centres.