What my clients say...
One-to-One clients

 "My 12-year-old son has ASD and speech difficulties and has received SALT for many years. More recently we were recommended Tania and she has made such a difference to his progress. She has helped him develop his understanding and use of language which has made a significant difference for him at school and at home. Tania has also helped him increasingly make sense of social understanding and interaction, which has improved his confidence in many different situations.  Our son’s ability to interact with us as a family and those around him continues to improve. I would recommend Tania to work with any child with ASD as she has such a sound understanding and uses approaches specifically for children with these difficulties. She also helps class teachers and us as parents understand what helps which supports his progress.  My son loves meeting her and agrees she has helped him and that she is nice and fun."



"We requested Tania for help after our son was struggling at school and we knew he had a problem with speech. She quickly identified that he was finding it difficult to process and follow verbal instructions and informed us of the strategies she would use to overcome this. We felt very informed with our son’s progress at all times, as Tania emailed us after each session of therapy with a report of what they had been working on and her findings.  After 5 months of speech therapy our son has made vast improvements in his language and has received a lot of praise from his teacher too. He is a much more confident 6-year-old boy who is finding reading and writing much easier and as a result is really enjoying school. We cannot thank Tania enough for all her help and support in his progress and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a speech therapist."

Mr D,

Market Harborough

Schools & Group clients

"Tania came into our school setting and worked extensively with children with a diagnosis of ASD.  She was very innovative in her methods and always provided us with a wealth of resources and knowledge.  Tania always managed to build up a great banter and trust with our children and they all looked forward to her visits and joined in enthusiastically with the sessions.  Tania made a huge impact on some of our pupil's communication and language skills which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives." 

Carol Ridley, Autism Unit, 

Rushden Primary school, Northants

"DSGN has worked with Tania and her team for about 4 years. She provides person-centred speech and language therapy to our members who need varying levels of help and support. Tania has a wide experience working in the special needs sector and is excellent to work with. She will go that extra mile to ensure her clients are given the guidance and advice they need to maximise the benefit they receive both from the individual and group sessions they attend."

Steve Allwork, DSGN 

"Tania attends our Specialist Unit for children with severe learning difficulties on a regular basis. She works with individuals and small groups and has developed positive relationships with all the children she works with. The pupils look forward to Tania's visits and engage well in the sessions. Tania brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her and she has supported staff in developing their expertise in Speech, Language and Communication. Tania works collaboratively with our NHS therapists and this positive working relationship means we can offer the children exactly what they need. We would recommend Tania to anyone looking for a therapist either in schools, nurseries or at home."

Mrs B, Primary School Assistant Head, Northampton

We are just so grateful for all of your support and encouragement Tania not only for our daughter but for us as parents as well. We believe that it is primarily due to your help that our daughter has improved from being unable to communicate and being very frustrated to now being able to speak and communicate her needs effectively.  The progress that she has made is outstanding and we would highly recommend Tania to other families seeking the highest quality expert speech therapy.  We truly cannot thank Tania enough for all of her hard work and it was the best thing we could have done for our daughter.